How long do baby turtles sleep?

Answer Many turtles tend to hibernate during the winter. While this is okay for a healthy adult turtle, it is not recommended that a baby turtle be allowed to hibernate, as they are in constant need to ca... Read More »

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How long do baby box turtles live?

Many baby turtles do not live beyond their first year of life. In the wild, predators and environmental factors may be to blame. In captivity, the mortality rate is high due to improper care. If th... Read More »

How long can baby turtles stay underwater?

The amount of time a baby turtle can stay underwater depends on its age and amount of activity. Inactive turtles can stay underwater for around 35 minutes, while turtles that are actively swimming ... Read More »

How long do yolk sacs on baby snapping turtles last?

Yolk sacs last for about 4 to 7 days on baby snapping turtles. In captivity, baby snapping turtles should not be moved to an aquatic environment until the egg sacs are absorbed.Source:Chelydra: Sn... Read More »

How long did you Co-sleep with your baby?

i co-slept until my son was 8 months old...and he went into his crib with less crying than MOST babies who slept in cribs from birth...after two days of mild crying he was completely okay with goin... Read More »