How long do baby box turtles live?

Answer Many baby turtles do not live beyond their first year of life. In the wild, predators and environmental factors may be to blame. In captivity, the mortality rate is high due to improper care. If th... Read More »

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How long do sea turtles usually live?

Scientists are not sure how long sea turtles can live. Sea turtles grow slowly and take from 15 to 50 years to reach reproductive maturity. According to the Caribbean Conservation Corporation, scie... Read More »

How long do slider turtles live?

The common slider, Trachemys scripta, has two subspecies commonly found as pets. These are the red-eared slider and the yellow-bellied slider. When well cared for these turtles can live 30 to 50 ye... Read More »

How long do softshell turtles live?

Soft-shelled turtles have a rather long life expectancy, often surpassing 20 years. The spiny soft shelled turtle has grown to 25 years in captivity, while there is a wild female on record for livi... Read More »

How long do aquarium turtles live?

Turtles most commonly kept as pets, such as the red-eared slider, Florida cooter, painted turtle or map turtle, can have a lifespan of over 20 years if they are properly cared for.Source:Reptiles: ... Read More »