How long do anti depressants such as Venlaxine take to help control nerve pain?

Answer They can take up to six weeks to feel the effects. And sometimes they don't work at all. Give it more time, and do what your doctor tells you to do--don't just stop the drugs because you think they... Read More »

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Can I take pain killers like paracetamol or ibuprofen with anti-depressants?

Yes you can, but look out for side effects. I am on the same thing and was even prescribed paracetamol with codeine for a trapped nerve.

Have you ever used a implanted spine stimulator for nerve pain control RSD/CRPS?

Hello. I know somebody that has one and it works for him. My docs recommended I get a Neurostimulator Implant due to my multiple neck and back surgeries. I opted not to get it. I didn't like the id... Read More »

How long is a nerve block effective for pain?

On One Hand: Nerve Blocks Offer Temporary ReliefA nerve block is an anesthetic injection which targets a specific location in the body to "turn off" pain receptors and provide temporary relief from... Read More »

Should I ask my dr about anti-depressants?

It sounds like depression.Tell your doctor how you've been feeling.Depending on your age,you should probably be put on an anti-depressant.If you are 18 or younger,they might not prescribe an anti-d... Read More »