How long do angel trumpets stay in bloom?

Answer According to Better Homes and Gardens, angel's trumpet (Brugmansia spp.) starts blooming in late spring and continues to do so through the fall in general. Some species have different timing; for e... Read More »

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When do stargazer lilies bloom&how long do they stay in bloom?

Stargazer lilies should be planted in early spring and will quickly bloom within two weeks of planting. The beautiful stargazer lily can stay in bloom for two to three weeks.References:Types of Flo... Read More »

Angel trumpet flowers: how long do they take to bloom?

Angel trumpet flowers bloom when the plant is six to nine months old. At that time it is usually between two and five feet tall. The plant is also known as Brugmansia. Take care in cold weather, as... Read More »

How to Root Angel Trumpets?

Angel trumpet plants, members of the brugmansia family, are known for their large, fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers. In fact, their fragrance has been described as "intoxicating." Interestingly, th... Read More »

How to Winterize Angel Trumpets?

Angel trumpets, originally from South America, can now be found in warmer climates of the United States. It is a tropical plant that produces large, trumpet-shaped yellow blooms. The plant is uniqu... Read More »