How long do Volvos last?

Answer According to, "the median life expectancy of all Volvos in service is 18.6 years. And Volvo is the only car company with a High Mileage Club." This refers to original-owner (or sing... Read More »

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Where are Volvos manufactured?

Volvos are mostly manufactured in Sweden at several different plants. While some of the company's truck parts are manufactured in China, the majority of Volvos come from Sweden. They are sold in mo... Read More »

Are volvos manufactured in germany?

Volvo, the leader in safety research, is manufactured in Germany as well, Sweden, France, China and the U.S. Volvo has been making cars since 1927. The word "Volvo" in Swedish means "I roll."Source... Read More »

Are there Volvos made in the USA?

Volvo automobiles are not made in the USA. The majority of Volvo auto manufacturing happens in Belgium and Sweden. They are also manufactured in China and Malaysia. Volvo manufactures the following... Read More »