How long do I wait to sand latex paint?

Answer If the previously applied latex paint is peeling, lightly sand the surface before applying new paint. Once painted, allow the latex paint to dry for approximately four hours before lightly sanding ... Read More »

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Can you sand latex paint?

You can sand latex paint, but if you are correcting a recently completed paint job, the latex paint must be completely dry before sanding it. When painting over old latex paint, washing with soap a... Read More »

How long do you have to wait for latex primer to dry?

Latex Primer dries fairly quickly. It will depend on the humidity levels in the home and the surface its applied to. On new drywall which the surface is more porous and will absorb more primer vs p... Read More »

How long is latex paint good for in the can?

How long latex paint is good in the can depends on storage and conditions; there is no set time limit. If the paint was sealed tightly allowing no air in, there is no funny smell, and it's still li... Read More »

How long can latex paint be stored?

Latex paint can be stored for up to 10 years if it has not been frozen and thawed out on a constant basis. If it has been frozen, it will be lumpy and unusable. Store the latex paint in a dry place... Read More »