How long do I need to quarantine my animals when they have hookworms?

Answer An animal undergoing treatment for hookworms should be kept in isolation for two weeks after the final dose of deworming medicine, unless veterinary instructions are different. This time period en... Read More »

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How long has Dogpile raised money for animals in need?

InfoSpace Inc. began giving Internet users a chance to raise money to help animals in need in December 2007 through its search engine Dogpile. InfoSpace donated $25,000, which was raised through Do... Read More »

What does McAfee Quarantine do?

McAfee Quarantine Manager is used to consolidate quarantine and anti-spam management. McAfee Quarantine is used to analyze and act upon quarantined files that were recognized as spam, phish, viruse... Read More »

What is the name of an old cartoon that was about a girl who had long magical hair and animals lived in it?

Where are files in quarantine in Symantec?

Symantec stores quarantined files in a folder named "Quarantine" in the "Documents and Settings" folder on the C drive. To get here, open Documents and Settings, go to the "All Users" and then the ... Read More »