How long do I need to keep receipts from health insurance?

Answer On One Hand: Tax PurposesFor tax purposes, when a health care bill has been paid and the check has cleared, you may not need to keep the receipt. For peace of mind, keep the receipt for the year u... Read More »

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How long should I keep bills, receipts, bank statements and insurance policies?

The New York Times recommends that as long as all payments charges are correct, you should only keep bills until you receive the next statement. Keep bank statements for one year and insurance docu... Read More »

Can your employer cancel your health insurance when you are on short term or long term disability because you did not make a payment on your insurance like is normally done through your paycheck?

Your employer's obligation to pay premiums normally stops when your paycheck does, that is, when your medical and personal leave is exhausted, and there is nothing left to deduct the premiums with.... Read More »

If you are switching from one group health insurance to another group and have a pre-existing condition how long a time between is considered to be a gap in insurance?

How long until I lose my health insurance?

Call the 800# on your insurance card. You are intitled to Cobra Insurance for I believe 6 months.