How long do I need to fast to do "fasting lab" work?

Answer I forgot one time too and ended up having results saying I had diabetes. But yes you should be able to fast for the rest of the day and then go do the labs. I know a co-worker who always did her la... Read More »

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Fast! Sore throat cant eat or drink fasting!?

I'm not saying this is THE miracle cure. However, try gargling warm salt water. Just add about a tablespoon of salt to a glass of warm water. Do this about every other hour. Hope this helps, an... Read More »

Fasting How often and for how long!?

Most people that fast do it for spiritual reasons... it helps them connect to their higher power and it is as a sacrifice for something they are praying for...and normally with fasting you do drink... Read More »

Had fasting blood test but have been called back for another non-fasting to re-check u&e's. clues please?

Maybe some of the results are a bit out of range, so they called you back to confirm it or to get some new results. It's all for your health and not for their profit..

Im taking up fasting, i wanna know on average how long it would take for someone to starve to death?

About 40 days.I water fasted for 17 days and lost 36 pounds. I also worked during this fast..If you don't eat for 3 days , hunger subsides. Your body will tell you when you have reached the limit. ... Read More »