How long do I have to put a felony on job applications?

Answer You must list a felony on a job application unless you get your conviction expunged, removing it from your record. Background checks will reveal any prior criminal convictions, and lying on a job a... Read More »

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How long to keep job applications?

On One Hand: Legal ConsiderationsMany states have laws that require businesses to keep applications and resumes for months or years after the position has been filled. This enables state agencies t... Read More »

How long do I keep employment applications?

There is no law stating how long workers must keep their employment applications. However, the law requires employers to safeguard their workers' employment applications. The human resources depart... Read More »

How long before i can annul a felony from my record?

Ex-felons may apply for a certificate of rehabilitation, expungement or pardon after the statutory rehabilitation period. The waiting period varies from state to state, but it is usually about 10 y... Read More »

How long does a felony remain on your record?

A felony stays on a convicted individual's record permanently unless he or she files a petition to expunge, or remove, the record in the state where the felony occurred. The laws and procedures to ... Read More »