How long do I barbecue chicken?

Answer To properly barbecue chicken without burning it, the best method is to cook it over charcoal at a temperature of 230 to 250 degrees for 2 1/2 to three hours, occasionally basting it. Checking the f... Read More »

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How to Grill Chicken on the Barbecue?

Grilling on the barbecue is a great way to prepare chicken year round. Cooking chicken over a gas grill's open flame or a charcoal grill's hot coals provides a low-fat cooking method and yet keeps ... Read More »

Should you boil chicken before you barbecue it?

On One Hand: Salmonella Is a Rsk.Because undercooked chicken can give somebody a rather nasty strain of food poisoning called salmonella, it's important to make certain it's well-cooked. Boiling ch... Read More »

How to Make a Filipino Chicken Barbecue?

This is for people who want to make a homemade Filipino barbecue.

How to Make Barbecue Turkey or Chicken Sandwiches?

Use your favorite barbecue sauce to simmer cooked turkey or chicken for yummy sandwiches.Here's another thrifty way to use up some leftover cooked turkey or chicken. Easy and delicious too! This re... Read More »