How long do Energizer batteries last in a flashlight?

Answer While battery life ultimately depends on how often it's used, Energizer states that their alkaline batteries have a seven-year shelf-life. This means an emergency flashlight won't need new batterie... Read More »

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How long do AA Energizer batteries last?

Energizer MAX AA batteries can last up to seven years for shelf life. The life of batteries being used in a device will vary depending on usage and the rate of energy used by the device. An example... Read More »

How long do aa batteries last in a flashlight?

While battery consumption ultimately depends on how often the flashlight is used, AA batteries generally provide about five hours of continuous usage. Some camping enthusiasts recommend Rayovac bat... Read More »

How do you change batteries in Energizer Hard case flashlight model TUF421WBE?

Ah...I was hoping I would find out how to get those batteries in there. I was unscrewing screws and trying how to pry that part off. Never thought of it being able to unscrew. No directions an... Read More »

What battery last longest in a flashlight Duracell or energizer?

it would be duracell because i did a experiment on it for my science fair project.