How long do Doberman Pinchers live?

Answer 9-13 years if healthy 15

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If neither parent has custody can the father take their child to live with him and it not be a crime so long as he files a parenting plan and they both live in Washington state?

Answer Do it the legal way and have her served. You will need to file the proper custody paperwork at the courthouse, then wait until she is served. Once she has been served, take the children leg... Read More »

How to Stop Your Doberman From Whining?

While dobermans are known as effective guard dogs and generally have a more fierce reputation, they can still whine like other dogs when they are in pain or when they want things such as food or at... Read More »

When is it not okay to crop Doberman ears?

On One Hand: The Surgery Should Be Done EarlyA Doberman's ears should be cropped when the puppy is 7 to 8 weeks old and no later than 9 weeks old. After nine weeks the Doberman's cartilage has alre... Read More »

How to Know if Your Miniature Doberman Is Real?

Miniature Pinschers, also called Zwergpinscher or Min Pins, are not actually miniature Doberman Pinschers. They are a separate breed of dog that predates Doberman Pinschers by about 200 years. The ... Read More »