How long do C-sized industrial batteries work?

Answer Size C industrial batteries have different levels of performance based on how hard they are used, including which device and how long they are used each day. An industrial battery that is size C wi... Read More »

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How to work out how long to charge batteries?

Your cahrger output is 8v 150mA i guess it can charge 4 Battery at a time.Now your battery capacity = 2500Charging time = 2500/150Approx 16.6 hours

How long do C size Duracell batteries work?

Duracell C cell batteries last between 12 and 20 hours. Alkaline batteries contain 8000 mAh and last the longest at up to 20 hours, then rechargeable at 6000 mAh last between 13 and 18 hours, then ... Read More »

How to Charge Industrial Forklift Batteries?

To ensure that your forklift runs well, it's important to maintain the battery properly. Forklifts run on large rechargeable batteries that require separate chargers to be connected to them. Even t... Read More »

Would two lines of 3 AA batteries work in place of one line of 3 D batteries?

Can't take the time to cut and paste your links. However 3 AA batteries have the same voltage as 3 D batteries. It's the storage capacity that will become a problem. An array of 3x2 AA batteries... Read More »