How long do BMW engines last?

Answer A BMW engine is considered by many to be the best engine due to its dominance at the Engine of the Year Awards. A 1977 BMW with over 425,000 miles may have the highest BMW mileage on earth. New veh... Read More »

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How long do Hyundai engines last?

Hyundai provides a warranty on the engine in its vehicles, guaranteeing them 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. This guarantee indicates that the engine is designed to last for a 10 ... Read More »

How long do RC ntro engines last?

There are many variables in determining how long an RC nitro engine will last, including the engine's manufacturing tolerances, the piston and sleeve materials, how well the engine is maintained, t... Read More »

How long do motorcycle engines last?

Motorcycle engine life--such as how many miles an engine will achieve--is an unknown variable. Engine life in motorized vehicles is nearly impossible to predict, as it is dependent upon key mainten... Read More »

What is the difference between marine engines&passenger car engines?

Some boat builders wonder why they cannot just use an automobile engine instead of a marine engine. The short answer is that, while the two are similar, the marine engine is built with much stronge... Read More »