How long do 25gb blu ray discs last when they run continously?

Answer LG Cinema 3D is probably the best one to go for if you want a theater-like 3D experience. LG Cinema 3D series use the same technology as the movie theater 3D screens (as opposed to shutter glasses ... Read More »

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How to tell when beets get bad and how long do they normally last in a plastic bag in the refrigerator drawer?

If they are mushy or moldy, they're bad. They shouldn't be in a plastic bag; that seals in moisture that will cause rotting. Those drawers are there to keep veggies fresh without bags.

I have cheated on my tax return by writing off my last acid trip, will they prosecute me when they find out..?

ACID?? people still do that? ugh. i hate acid.

Why are floppy discs so called, when they aren't floppy at all?

If you soak them in water for three years then they do become floppy, that's why.

Breadcrumbs in fridge how long they last?