How long do 25gb blu ray discs last when they run continously?

Answer LG Cinema 3D is probably the best one to go for if you want a theater-like 3D experience. LG Cinema 3D series use the same technology as the movie theater 3D screens (as opposed to shutter glasses ... Read More »

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Diffrence between Blu ray 8GB vs Blue ray rip 1.25GB?

The 8GB one is going to have higher bitrate, meaning it is going to look better, especially in high-action scenes, and probably has surround audio (Dolby Digital 5.1) versus the 1.25GB one which wi... Read More »

How many movies can be stored on a 25gb blu-ray disc?

What is the difference between the battlestar galactica complete series limited edition of 25 discs and the DVD box set of seasons 1-4 with 33 discs?

I'm buying a 3d blu ray player, so can I use normal blu ray discs or can I only use 3d lblu ray discs?

Read the manual. It should ALWAYS play DVD's, standard BluRays (from the same country code) as well as 3D. Many will also play MP3 files from a computer burned CD.Who told you it would not play DV... Read More »