How long did you leave your infant rear-facing?

Answer You 'can' turn your child around now, if you want to, but it's safer to keep her rear facing for as long as possible (until she reaches the rear-facing weight limit). The rule is they have to be a... Read More »

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What rear facing infant car seats work best in a ford mustang?

I have the Graco Safeseat. It has been wonderful. Our daughter is 16 months old now and still comfortably fits in her rear facing seat. I am currently searching for a forward facing. You can't be a... Read More »

Which is safest front facing or rear facing car seat?

front facing because if the seat is the wrong way how can you see out the window

At what age should may a rear facing seat be placed facing forward? Please keep the child rear-facing for as long as possible (according to the limits of your particular seat).

AAP now recommends rear facing until 2!!!!!!!!?

Ladies, yikes. Stop hating on paramedics. My husband is a cop and we have lots of medic friends, very smart men and women!Anyway, my daughter will be 1 on Wednesday and she has already met the weig... Read More »