How did the t.v show Roseanne end?

Answer the ending for me was just plain depressing The opening credits of Season 9 still say the show stars "Roseanne", but the first episode said "Roseanne Barr Pentland Arnold Thomas".The ninth and fina... Read More »

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Why was David introduced as Kevin in season 4 of the Roseanne show?

I always wondered that, especially, when given that there is technically already a character named David on the show (DJ's real name being David Jacob). There is a reference in a later episode thou... Read More »

During season one on the TV series Roseanne where did Roseanne work?

What is the story behind the chicken sweatshirt that several characters have been seen wearing on the Roseanne TV show?

AnswerThere is one episode where every character is seen wearing the chicken shirt once throughout the episode, hopefully someone has an answer for this From the way i understand it, when Roseann w... Read More »

Is it true on the show Roseanne the guy that played Mark really died of a drug overdose?