How many years would it take to travel one thousand six hundred light years in space?

Answer This would obviously have a very large variable of the speed of the rocket, but here is the equation to figure is out ((((1.51368454*10^19/S)/60)/60)/24)/365.25=TS being the speed of the rocket in ... Read More »

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Differences Between Life Now & a Hundred Years Ago?

One hundred years ago, automobiles were a new invention. In the early 1900s, only 8,000 automobiles were on the road in the United States, and only 10 miles of paved roads existed. In the early 19... Read More »

How did the Hundred Years'War start in medieval times?

The Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts between English and French royal houses. The war helped to define European territorial boundaries and shape the future of both England and France.Va... Read More »

What was the fat ladies nickname in one hundred years of solitude?

What are some biblical allusions in One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez?

Here are a few: Jose Arcadio Buendia and Ursula are compared to Adam and Eve -- one, in that they are responsible for naming things, and two, that JAB is chained to a tree (of Knowledge) when his ... Read More »