Who first called the Holocaust"the Holocaust"?

Answer The term “Holocaust” derives from an ancient Greek word meaning, “sacrifice by fire.” No single person first used the term. As early as 1941, the term Holocaust described the destruction o... Read More »

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What was the BBC during the Holocaust?

How big were the ovens of the Holocaust?

Fridge MagnetIt works by it applying pressure to the fridge through a process of electro magnetic currents to hold it secure This can only be achived by it containing a mixture of iron and copper t... Read More »

What is this Holocaust movie?

I believe you are referring to THE PIANIST. Check this out and see if it sounds like it:…

How to Study the Holocaust?

So you are interested in learning about the Holocaust. This was a very important and tragic part of the early 20'Th Century, in Europe, and you would like to educate yourself more about the subject.