How long did the book War& Peace take to write?

Answer The original publication of "War and Peace" was in six volumes. Leo Tolstoy started writing the novel in 1862, and the publisher released the six volumes between 1863 and 1869. Tolstoy wrote "War a... Read More »

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How long is the book war and peace?

i know that there is over 400 pages, it's something hundred eighteenIt is actually about 1200-1600 pages long depending on the translation and version. It is a really long book but worth reading.

Why did the author call the book A Separate Peace?

AnswerThe author called the book "A Separate Peace" because Devon, their school, is an area of peace separated from the world, during World War II. Devon at that time of the Summer of 1944 was a ti... Read More »

In the book A Separate Peace what are some personality traits of Gene?

Gene is a follower not a leader. He gets influenced by other people. He does some pretty stupid things, that end up in a negative result.

How to Write or Draw in Peace?

Creativity is a delicate process and easily disturbed. If you cannot focus, or if you don't have at least a reasonable level of quiet and some time to yourself, you may not draw or write as well as... Read More »