Hi, how long will I have braces for the ortho said 2-3 years but...?

Answer I got mine in late May 2010, was scheduled to get them off in November 2012, didn't get them off until late March 2013. I wore my rubber bands, and did everything I was told. They were just off by ... Read More »

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I'm 17 years old and I have 40FF how long would it take to get them reducted from the NHS?

Well the sooner you see your doctor the sooner it will happen. From seeing your doctor to the actual operation is anything from 12 weeks to 16 weeks. .................

How long are Jupiter's days& years?

Jupiter has the shortest day of any planet in the solar system, lasting only 9 hours and 56 minutes. The years on Jupiter are much longer; one year on Jupiter is equal to 4,333 Earth days or approx... Read More »

How long does Propecia work in years?

On One Hand: About One YearHair generated with the help of Propecia will last about one year, according to the medical site Propecia is a FDA-approved pill developed to treat mode... Read More »

How long is saturn's orbit in earth years?

Saturn's orbital period, or the time it takes to travel around the sun, is slightly less than 29.5 Earth years. Its rotational period, or the length of a Saturnian day, is about 10.5 hours.Referenc... Read More »