How long did Jesus carry the cross?

Answer The distance from the place of Jesus' beating (Praetorium) to Golgotha, the place of His crucifixion, is an estimated 650 yards (just less than half a mile). He carried it a portion of the journey ... Read More »

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How far did Jesus carry the cross to Calvary?

It is 0.3 kilometers (half a mile) from Pontius Pilate's court to the traditionally accepted site of the crucifixion Golgotha, which means "the Place of the Skull." We really don't know how far Jes... Read More »

How long did Jesus hang on the cross?

The New Testament (King James Version), states that Jesus was crucified in the third hour and the ordeal latest until the ninth hour. From the beginning of the third hour to the end of the ninth to... Read More »

When did Jesus first tell his disciples that he would go to the cross?

Jesus first tells his disciples of his death and resurrection in Matthew 16:21. It says, "From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer... Read More »

How many hours was Jesus on the cross?

According to Bible scholar Steven Ray, "Jesus was on the cross from possibly late morning or almost noon until the ninth hour, or about 3 p.m." Therefore, three hours elapsed between his crucifixio... Read More »