How long can you store fish&meat in the freezer?

Answer Meat storage safety times depend on the type of meat. Hamburgers, veal, pork and lamb keep for three to four months versus steaks, which have a freezer shelf life of six to 12 months. Chicken and t... Read More »

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How Long Can You Store Fish & Meat in the Freezer?

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Can you store dry ice in the freezer?

On One Hand: Not a Good IdeaYou should not store dry ice in your freezer, according to Placing dry ice in your freezer could lower the temperature in the freezer, causing the Thermo... Read More »

How do I store a chest freezer?

Storing a Chest FreezerSelect an area with sufficient capacity for a chest freezer. Ensure that the area includes an electrical outlet and enough room for you to get around and access the food insi... Read More »

How to Store Peanut Oil in the Freezer?

Peanut oil benefits from refrigeration as well as freezing, according to the Chef's Best website. Storing peanut oil in a refrigerator or freezer--for up to one year--slows the oxidation process an... Read More »