How long can you sit and watch something on YouTube before you lose interest?

Answer depends on what your watching really. If i was watching something that i found realyl interesting i could sit for hours. Depends what your into.

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Where can I watch Wingin it online It is only on BBC player and I can't watch it and it's not on youtube Where can I watch it?

If you go onto the 'Wing Init' youtube page there are practcially all the episodes, all in hd.

Will you watch, or have an interest in the State of Origin NRL decider between Qld & NSW?

As a patriotic Queenslander OF COURSE I'll be watching it ! Love to see the cockroaches get done again & don't care if it's just by a point !

Interest Coverage Ratio - can you offset interest income with interest expense?

If you are trying to calculate when to watch something that is 41 min long and you want to watch 21 episodes i?

41x21=861861/60=14.3535% of 60=21It would take 14 hours and 21 minutes so if you started watching at 6:00am you would finish at 8:21pm.