How long can you sit and watch something on YouTube before you lose interest?

Answer depends on what your watching really. If i was watching something that i found realyl interesting i could sit for hours. Depends what your into.

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If you are trying to calculate when to watch something that is 41 min long and you want to watch 21 episodes i?

41x21=861861/60=14.3535% of 60=21It would take 14 hours and 21 minutes so if you started watching at 6:00am you would finish at 8:21pm.

Good videos to watch on youtube...or something else?

The Mythical ShowA comedy show thing that is half an hour long that is on Thursdays at 5pm EST for 12 weeks.……

Why does Youtube keep forcing ads before you watch a video!?

The reason YouTube has Advertisements is because the uploader of the video put them on their and they get payed. Many videos today have advertisementGood news: You can block every advertisement on ... Read More »

How long can you keep spices before they lose their flavor?

AnswerI hear the Egyptian pyramid have yielded lots of still edible items - including spices - thus, thousands of years for some.When keeping spices, you should always have an air tight container. ... Read More »