How long can geckos live without water?

Answer Geckos derive most of their daily water from their food. Therefore, they can survive longer without water than without food. However, they still cannot live more than a few days without water.Refe... Read More »

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How long can fresh flowers live without water?

Fresh flowers can last from a few hours to several days without water depending on their species. Species with thicker stems and more leaves will last longer than species with thinner stems and few... Read More »

How long can a plant live without any water or sunlight?

How long can a hermit crab live without food or water?

Hermit crabs can live up to 10 days without food. They need a constant supply of water. They eat up to 1/2 inch of food every two to three days. Give them water in a clam shell, and clear away rott... Read More »

What plants live without water?

Air ferns live without soil or water but they do need misting daily. These ferns are usually attached to an object like driftwood. They like humidity. You can find these in hardware stores or nurse... Read More »