How long do cut carnations live in water?

Answer Carnations have a freshness span of two weeks when cut and placed in water. To ensure their long life, pick off the leaves that will be under water, cut 1 inch off the stem with a sharp knife and f... Read More »

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How long can geckos live without water?

Geckos derive most of their daily water from their food. Therefore, they can survive longer without water than without food. However, they still cannot live more than a few days without water.Refe... Read More »

How long can crabs live out of water?

The amount of time a crab can live out of water depends entirely on its environment. As long as there is water present in the air and food, a crab can continue to live. Crabs have special plates ar... Read More »

How long can a water hyacinth live?

Determining the life expectancy of a water hyacinth is difficult because it is such an invasive species. Its survival rate is increased by its ability to reproduce through its root system, prolific... Read More »

How long do cut plants live in water?

The amount of time that cut plants can live in water varies. Some flowers, such as irises and tulips, can only live in water for approximately seven days, while tropical flowers can live up to thre... Read More »