My hard drive just started clicking- How long does it have to live?

Answer Are you absolutely certain it's the hard drive? It sounds like something got into the case and is hitting the case fan. Unplug the computer and open it up. Take a can of compressed air and dust it ... Read More »

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How many beer drinkers truly love beer and how many are just bandwagon jumpers?

Wow sorry to hear that. I am an A!! I love Beer, I love to try new beers and I love to just taste beer. I dont really drink beer to get drunk I drink for the taste. There are so many types. I say ... Read More »

How long can a person survive on a diet of beer and beer only?

As I recall, I "think" the number calculated to respond to this question was 45 days. There was a study done for that uber-scientific television program on Spike, called "MANswers."Watch your listi... Read More »

What should you do if you want to live in a area that you just moved away from just this summer?

I just brewed Five gallons of beer.?

Bubbling may or may not indicate active fermentation.If you're fermenting in a bucket...the lid's seal may not be tight so most of the CO2 may not be escaping through the air lock. This is not a p... Read More »