How long can you live in your house after stopping mortgage payments?

Answer On One Hand: A Few MonthsIn some states, the foreclosure process can start very quickly after a missed mortgage payment and may be completed in about 60 days, at which point a homeowner is subject... Read More »

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How long do house geckos live?

When cared for and maintained properly, house geckos can live for more than five years. In some instances, house geckos have been known to live up to 10 years. Captive bred animals usually live lon... Read More »

How long after foreclosure can I live in the house?

The foreclosure process begins when a mortgage lender files a complaint with a court that you defaulted on your mortgage payments. In the foreclosure process, the mortgage lender goes through the r... Read More »

I don't like squishing bugs but there's a woodlice in my house... how long do they live?

Wood lice are good for the garden, they eat all the dead matter from the plants. Cover it with a tin or a glass for the night, then it can;t go anywhere. Throw it out in the morning.

What could be stopping one computer from accessing a site that another in the same house can access See below?

There are probably different security setting on each computer and one is blocking hotmail for some reason