How long does it take you to change your tampon ?

Answer I always pee when I change my tampon. You're in the toilet anyway, why not! I take my tampon out first, pee, tidy myself up, unwrap my tampon, put it in, make sure everything's tidy, and go. Probab... Read More »

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How long is too long to leave the solar cover on?

Answer The swimming pool should be able to "breathe" -- letting the fumes from the addition of chemicals to "gas off" to open air. This should be done at least once a week or when you add chemical... Read More »

How long is it okay to leave the stove on for?

If there is no other means of heating your place it will be ok to use the oven, just remember they use more power than heaters of course.You probably cook in the oven for longer periods.Just try to... Read More »

What happens if I leave the hair dye on to long?

As a licensed cosmetologist, 90% of the different brands of hair color I've used; process for 45 minuets maximum.Generally the rules are: -Permanent Color: 45Min -Demi-Permanent ... Read More »

How long will it take for THC to leave my body?

You're pretty much done for. THC gets stored in the body for weeks. None of those "detox" kits do anything but waste your money. Drinking lots of water dilutes the urine and makes it highly susp... Read More »