How long can you keep unopened teriyaki sauce in the refrigerator?

Answer Once a bottle of teriyaki sauce is open, how long is it good for in the cabinet?

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How long will V8 Spicy Hot last unopened in the refrigerator?

If it isn't open it's fine. The use by date is just a suggestion. Open and smell. If it smells like it should enjoy it

How long will spaghetti sauce last in the refrigerator?

good question. i have actually researched this and i have found the answer for it recently. well it all depends on what kind of sauce you have or use. But normally up to a week. hope this helps.

How long can tartare sauce stay out of the refrigerator?

Tartare sauce is mayonnaise based and will spoil quickly out of the refrigerator.

How long can spaghetti meat sauce be stored in refrigerator?