How long can you keep unopened spices?

Answer you can keep them as long as you want if they are natural spices only

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How long can you keep an unopened fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers that contain dry chemicals can last for six years before they need to be emptied and maintained. They need to undergo a hydrostatic test to determine if they are still operable ... Read More »

How long can you keep unopened teriyaki sauce in the refrigerator?

Once a bottle of teriyaki sauce is open, how long is it good for in the cabinet?

How long will unopened flour keep in fridge?

At least a year. Flour usually has a "use by" date, but if you refrigerate it unopened in the original package, it will last many months beyond that. You can extend it even further by putting it ... Read More »

How long should you keep spices and seasonings?

So long as you store them properly, below is a guideline:How Long to Keep Spices:Once spices are ground, their delicate flavor components begin to degrade. Some people say you should replace your s... Read More »