How long can you keep imitation crab meat?

Answer A week in the fridge. In freezer? Depends. If you put it in right away it will be fine for a month. Since it's sea food I wouldn't keep it in any longer than that.They also have a sell by date. If ... Read More »

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How is imitation crab meat made?

Imitation crab meat is often used as a cheaper alternative to real crab meat. Most people don't think it tastes anything like the real thing at all but many still enjoy it.Krab MeatImitation crab i... Read More »

Is imitation crab meat healthy for you?

On One Hand: It's a Serving of FishImitation crab meat counts as a serving of fish, according to MSN Health and Fitness. Manufacturers make imitation crab meat out of Alaskan pollock, a mild and in... Read More »

Is Imitation crab actually meat?

Is imitation crab meat good for you?

Imitation crab meat is made from fish, and is no better or worse for you than any other properly-prepared fish. It's whitefish so its heavy in Omega 3s, which is good for you. So yes. Its good for ... Read More »