How long can you keep a bottle of wine?

Answer Riesling is one of the white wines that tends to age well. If it's a dry Riesling, it should improve for another five years or more. Sweet Riesling will keep indefinitely. Temperature variation is ... Read More »

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How long can an open bottle of red wine last?

On One Hand: About Three DaysRed wine lasts for about three days after opening. Once a bottle is opened, oxygen comes in contact with the wine. This process oxidizes the wine and will change the ... Read More »

How long does an open bottle of wine last before it goes bad?

A good two or three weeks well sealed and kept in the refrigerator. The small bottles can be really handy for cooking. If you have to buy a 4-pack, keep the extras in the fridge. Another good trick... Read More »

After opening a bottle of red wine, how long do I have to finish it before it goes off?

Typically, you have about 6 hours before the taste is highly distorted. If you want to keep some red wine on stock at home, there are a couple of things.1. Look to purchase smaller (750 ml) bottle... Read More »

How long does an open bottle of white wine last?

An open bottle of white wine stays fresh for up to three days when re-corked and refrigerated or when using a wine stopper. Wine gradually loses its taste and aromas, and begins oxidizing once unco... Read More »