How long can you infuse evoo with vanilla beans?

Answer The oil can go rancid if it isn't stored properly. Things like uv light, heat and even air can do this. Make sure while you're waiting for it to infuse you keep it in a dark container in a cool pla... Read More »

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How to Make Fragrance With Vanilla Beans and Vodka?

Perfume has traditionally been made from alcohol, oil and botanical fragrances. Vanilla is a commonly used scent, and vodka is an ideal alcohol base because of its odorless nature. Making your own ... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Massage Oil With Vanilla Beans?

The subtly sweet aroma of vanilla infuses much of our lives through the food we eat, candles we burn as well as the beauty products we use. Vanilla is classic and beautiful, calming and comforting.... Read More »

Do vanilla beans go bad?

Vanilla beans will go bad eventually. If vanilla beans are kept in moist environments such as a refrigerator or freezer, mold can develop on the bean's skin. If the beans are tightly wrapped in sar... Read More »

How are vanilla beans grown?

Vanilla is a popular flavoring product that can be found in essence, extract or a natural pod form. Although it is best known as a dessert ingredient, it is versatile enough to be used in savory co... Read More »