How long can you have a U.S. passport when living outside the country?

Answer A passport is a legal document that provides proof of citizenship. U.S. citizens living abroad are entitled to remain in possession of their passports indefinitely. The United States has embassies ... Read More »

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Can I renew my us passport while living in another country?

U.S. citizens living abroad can renew their passports at a U.S. embassy or consulate in that country, the U.S. Department of State says. However, some countries, such as China, may not grant a visa... Read More »

How to Get a Canadian Passport While Living in the United States?

In the case of normal service, Canadian citizens may obtain a new passport or renew an existing one easily by mail from the U.S. Processing times vary throughout the year and can be checked on the ... Read More »

Where can you get travel insurance from as an expat living in Kuwait you have a british passport?

How about Lloyds of London?! Contact your agent in UK to access Travel insurance. Alternatively, AIG, ACE and others offer coverage, and you may be able ot access all of them locally in Kuwait.

I am living in Canada but am travelling to Australia for 6 months on my Australian passport can i get insurance to cover me while im over there?

Answer Most Renters Insurance has a Liability component as well as personal property coverage. So if the fire was the renters fault the landlord could sue the renter then the liability insurance wo... Read More »