My pet store does not have food; how long can my snake go without food?

Answer A healthy pet snake can go for several weeks or longer without food, if necessary. Snakes generally eat rodents, and providing them with one mouse a week should be sufficient. All snakes do need to... Read More »

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How long can an adult go without food?

Depending on how much body fat a person has, and how much muscle, he can easily go for weeks or sometimes months without food. However, he won't be able to go without water for more than a few days.

How long can termites go without food?

Termites have a symbiotic relationship with protozoa in their digestive system which allows them to digest wood. Without this protozoan, termites will starve even if they eat and they will generall... Read More »


3 days w/o water3 weeks w/o food3 minutes w/o oxygeneveryones body will react different., times will be different

How long can a bedbug go without food?

Adult bedbugs may survive as long as one year without feeding, and immature bed bugs may live for several months without feeding, according to Department of Entomology at the University of Minnesot... Read More »