How long can you go to jail for burglary?

Answer The longest burglary sentence as of 2009 was seven years. Sentencing for burglary is based on the number of prior convictions and the jurisdiction. Penalties for burglaries can be as minor as a pro... Read More »

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How long can police investigate a burglary?

The length of time the police can take to investigate a crime depends on the particular statute of limitations of the government with appropriate jurisdiction. In the United States, this limit vari... Read More »

The Differences Between First Degree Burglary and Burglary?

There are three different degrees of burglary. While it would seem that first degree burglary would be less serious than third degree burglary, this is not true. In fact, first degree burglary is t... Read More »

How long are you in jail for child abuse?

How long do child abusers go to jail for?

in the state of Oklahoma chil abusers can receive up to life without parole.