How long can you drink wine for after it's been opened?

Answer I've gone by the smell test, although in all fairness it's only had the chance to go bad once in my household.If nothing else, take a really small sip and if it tastes funny then I wouldn't drink it.

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How long does Midori and Disaronno last for after it has been opened?

A very long time. We have kept bottles of Midori for 2+ years, and they are nearly as good as when we opened them. The high sugar content helps to keep the alcohol molecules suspended in the liquid.

Does wine go bad after it is opened?

Wine does not go bad after opening it--it ages when exposed to air. After three days, opened wine can taste bad because over over-aging. Designed to age, red wine lasts longer after opening than wh... Read More »

How long does red wine last after it's been uncorked if a replacement cork isn't put in?

It depends on if it was refrigerated or not. But I would not let it sit in the fridge without a cork for more that 2-3 days, If it has not been refrigerated I would definitely not drink it. A corke... Read More »

How to Keep Wine After Being Opened?

Once a bottle of wine is opened, it may actually improve in flavor over the next few hours as it mixes with the oxygen in the air. Unfortunately, this process comes to an end quickly, and from that... Read More »