How long can you drink wine for after it's been opened?

Answer I've gone by the smell test, although in all fairness it's only had the chance to go bad once in my household.If nothing else, take a really small sip and if it tastes funny then I wouldn't drink it.

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How long does opened wine keep in the refrigerator?

Once a bottle of wine has been opened, it should be consumed within several hours. Upon opening a bottle of wine, you allow air into the bottle, which speeds the aging process. Store open, re-corke... Read More »

How long will wine keep good for cooking once opened?

On One Hand: Use It ImmediatelyWine is only good for two to three days after opening, because once oxygen contacts the wine the fruit flavors start to fade. Cooking with an old wine will add flavor... Read More »

How long does a bottle of wine last if not opened and not refrigerated?

champagne will last a few years but is designed to be drunk young, unless it's a vintage (expensive, with a date on the bottle).most other wine is also meant to be drunk fairly young. whites within... Read More »

Is possible to leave the "Ocean Spray Canberry drink" long enough for it to turn into wine?

They may add something to commercial cranberry drink to inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria and yeast. Also cranberry -drink- is made from a lot more things than just cranberry juice. Pure cr... Read More »