How long can the human nose distinguish smells?

Answer The human nose can distinguish smells for an entire lifetime, although the nose's smelling ability reaches a peak around the age of eight. It stabilizes for approximately ten years, before smell se... Read More »

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How far can the human eye distinguish something clearly in the night?

An eye with 20/20 vision can distinguish features that correspond to 1 minute of arc. At 100 meters each of these features is about 2.5 cm tall so at 5 km, each feature that could be distinguished ... Read More »

What's the best way to get human urine stains and smells out of a Lazy Boy recliner?

Use the blow dryer you use to get that poofy hair of yours set. And for future prevention I would suggest to stop pissing yourself. What kind of pilot can't even handle the fear of being grounded?

What is the human nose?

The human nose is much more then just a bump in the middle of a face. The human nose brings smells of the world and the ability to breath the air. The nose helps distinguish a person's face, making... Read More »

How to Draw a Human Nose?

What's in a nose? Quite a bit when it comes to portraiture and figure drawing! The nose can make or break a drawing of the human face, but learning to do so properly is much easier than one might t... Read More »