How long can the flu virus survive on a surface?

Answer The flu virus can survive on a surface from a few minutes to as long as two days, according to the Mayo Clinic. The virus stays active longer on hard surfaces, such as plastic or metal, than it doe... Read More »

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How long can a flu virus survive on a surface&infect a person?

It's possible for the influenza virus to survive on surfaces for up to eight hours. Touching a surface that contains live influenza virus poses a risk for infection, as transmission usually occurs ... Read More »

How long can the flu virus live on a surface?

Depending on the levels of humidity, temperature, and UV radiation, the influenza virus can live, outside of a host, on a flat surface, preferably a porous material, for as long as two days. On the... Read More »

Can crystal rocks survive on the surface of the sun?

The surface of the sun is hot enough to easily melt any rock or crystal. The temperature of the sun's surface is a sweltering 6000 degrees Celsius. Rocks and crystals melt at between 700 and 1000 d... Read More »

Can a virus survive a reinstall?

The only thing that it can't survive is Format c: