How long can staples be left in your head before it becomes a problem?

Answer Follow up with your doctor. It all depends on how well the cut is healing. And, I disagree with the other answer. The body's natural reaction to a foreign object (such as a stable) is to push it up... Read More »

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How Long Before Unpaid Dept Becomes a Charge Off?

When debt becomes seriously delinquent, creditors often charge-off the debt. A charge-off means that the creditor deems the debt noncollectable and writes off the account from their profit, but it ... Read More »

How Long Can I Go Without Working Before My LPN License Becomes Inactive?

Licensed Practical Nurses, or LPNs, may take time off work for a number of reasons, including family obligations or hospital layoffs. If enough time passes, however, without accruing nursing experi... Read More »

How long can you wait before getting glasses for your kid whose age is 5 and is CYL -2 and -2 for right and left eye?

Not long, but remember that an optician has a vested interest in NOT correcting eye problems as they will get up to 70-odd years of loyal service by taking money from you for exams, lenses and brok... Read More »

How long should you keep your head phones before they bust?