How Long Can Sperm Survive in a Condom?

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How long do sperm cells live once out of the body?

Once sperm are outside the body, most die within a few minutes. Some may survive for up to an hour. Inside the body, most sperm can live for a few days, and some may live for up to five days.Source... Read More »

How long does sperm live outside the body. Specifically I have the following questions?

Actually, sperm DOES survive when exposed to air... Im just not sure how long. When having sex, air is pushed into the vagina whether you know it or not. It doesn't mean that all the sperm are goin... Read More »

How Long Can You Store Sperm at a Sperm Bank?

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Can sperm survive on skin?

According to, sperm can survive for several hours if it is kept at body temperature, which includes being on the skin. Sperm life span is much longer inside a woman's body; it can su... Read More »