How long can seals stay underwater?

Answer Seals are aquatic mammals capable of breath-holding feats well beyond the abilities of any human. The length a seal can stay underwater varies from species to species, but the arctic-dwelling Wedde... Read More »

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How long can baby turtles stay underwater?

The amount of time a baby turtle can stay underwater depends on its age and amount of activity. Inactive turtles can stay underwater for around 35 minutes, while turtles that are actively swimming ... Read More »

How long can pond turtles stay underwater?

Pond turtles can stay underwater for around an hour at a time before they need to come to the surface for air, although most will surface to breathe every few minutes.Source:Oregon Department of Fi... Read More »

How long can a snapping turtle stay underwater?

A snapping turtle can remain under water for 40 to 50 minutes. Snapping turtles live primarily in water and come to the surface only for air. They rarely move while in the water, which allows them ... Read More »

How to Stay Underwater in a Swimming Pool?

Sitting on the bottom is hard at first, but it's easier as you keep doing it. You can even try "The sleeping man", "The Dead Body", and "The Meditator".