How long can political signs remain after an election?

Answer There is no federal law that regulates the amount of time that political signs can stay up after an election. Many cities set their own time line. In Johnson County, Kansas, candidates have two day... Read More »

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How far from a polling place can political signs be placed?

City, county and state law dictate how far a political sign must be placed from the polling place. For example, in Fairfax County, Virginia, the signs must be placed 40 feet from the entrance. The ... Read More »

Can I remove political signs from my property in Maine?

On One Hand: Feel Free to Take Down a Political SignAs a landowner in Maine, you have the right to pull a political sign out of the ground if it has been placed on your property. Any political sign... Read More »

Is it illegal to steal political signs in Ohio?

It is illegal to take something away from the person who owns it without the person's permission in Ohio. Removing anything from private property, including political signs, by means of threat, int... Read More »

Can you remove political signs from public property?

Political signs are not to be placed on public property, but most jurisdictions require that a public official be called to remove them. You can not, therefore, take it upon yourself to remove poli... Read More »