How long can people live with bone cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Extent of disease impacts survival rateStatistics refer to a five-year survival rate, which refers to a percentage of people who are alive five years after being diagnosed with bone ca... Read More »

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How long (average) does an older man have to live with stage4 prostate/bone cancer?

I've got stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer. Had it almost 6 years now and Doctors say I am beating the odds. God makes the final decision.

How long do people live with stomach cancer?

The survival rate associated with stomach cancer varies widely depending on the stage of cancer and the treatments used. Approximately 65% of people with stomach cancer are still living six months ... Read More »

How long do people with lung cancer live?

Really sorry to hear about your Dad....It depends on the severity of the cancer and the treatments he recieves. All the best !!

How Long on Average Do People With Pancreatic Cancer Live?

On average, people with pancreatic cancer live between three to six months after they are diagnosed with this terminal disease. According to the American Cancer Society, the five-year survival rate... Read More »