How long can my baby sleep in a cradle?

Answer On One Hand: Newborns Feel Snug in a CradleNewborns need to feel snug and secure. Putting your baby in a cradle instead of an open crib may help her feel more comfortable. In addition, you can move... Read More »

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How Long Can I Let My 7Wk Old Baby Sleep?

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How long can a baby sleep in a bassinet?

The majority of babies can sleep safely in a bassinet until they are 3 months old. If your baby is able to sit up or move around, it's time to move him to a crib. The bassinet is shallow, and the b... Read More »

How long should my baby sleep for?

Infants usually sleep between 14 to 18 hours a day, at different times of the day. The amount of time they sleep at a time depends upon their age. Babies that are about 3 months old sleep about fiv... Read More »

How long do baby turtles sleep?

Many turtles tend to hibernate during the winter. While this is okay for a healthy adult turtle, it is not recommended that a baby turtle be allowed to hibernate, as they are in constant need to ca... Read More »