How long can meat stay outside the refrigerator when marinated?

Answer According to USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, marinated meat should not remain outside of a refrigerator if uncooked. Marinate is often made with raw juices which are susceptible to bacteri... Read More »

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How long can thawed raw marinated pork stay in the refrigerator?

It would be best to leave it for 2 days or less. Marination means flavor, but take care not to overindulge or you have rotten pork.

How long will frozen meat stay good outside of refrigerator?

Once the meat is fully thawed and at room temperature the max is four hours. Because the meat is frozen you have alittle extra time while it thaws. It is hard to tell when the meat has reached room... Read More »

How long can deli meat stay fresh in the refrigerator?

If the deli meat has been handled properly - no temperature abuse, no contamination, properly packaged - you should expect it to last 3-5 days. Place in an air tight container for the best results.... Read More »

How long will spaghetti with meat sauce stay fresh in the refrigerator?