How long can lily live?

Answer an average person called lily lives an average of 89 years a lily bulb however usually lives a summer period i hope this helps :)

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How to Create an Origami Frog Family and Lily Pads to Live On?

These simple steps tell how to make a jumping origami frog family and lily pads as a home. It is a fun craft for the whole family and makes a good project for rainy days, and weekends.

How long do lily bulbs bloom for?

When they bloom depends an where you live and the type of lily. They generally bloom for only a few weeks. Once the blooming is complete leave the foliage to nourish the bulbs for next year's blo... Read More »

How long do lily of the valley blossoms last when cut?

Lily of the valley blossoms last three to six days after being cut. Lily of the valley is a type of perennial. The blossoms have a sweet fragrance and are most fragrant when fresh.Source:Cut Flower... Read More »

How long does it take for the lily flower to grow?

Lilies are best grown from seeds and can take at least 18 months to grow. The first growing season allows the flowers to develop strong root systems for the coming years. In the second growing seas... Read More »