How long can left ovens be left at room temperature?

Answer Heat is a form of energy and in appliances like toasters energy is transmitted into the metal of the toaster causing the heat.Resistance to the flow of the electricity through the coils of wire in ... Read More »

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How long can food be left at room temperature in an air tight container?

Do not leave food unrefrigerated. Cool to room temperature then put in fridge. The air-tight container will make no difference, it's the temperature of the food that matters.

Can boiled peanuts be left at room temperature?

Boiled peanuts should not be left at room temperature since they will go bad in three or four days. They will stay fresh for about 10 days if you refrigerate them, and they will last for several mo... Read More »

My 5 year old is experiencing sharp pains in her left shoulder and to the left side of her torso below the ribs She is also running a high temperature What could be causing this?

Cookie dough left at room temperature all night, in a sealed container?

It will most likely be bad since it has eggs in it.