How long can i wait to drink this protein stuff after a workout?

Answer About 30 min.

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When is the best time drink or eat protein Before or After a workout?

Before, but about 1 hour before, just a good estimate. You have time to digest some of the food/drink, don't go too heavy, but then you can build muscle better than if you drink/eat afterwards, bec... Read More »

Drink protein shake after workout?

Only half. I would suggest and ensure drink.

How long should I wait to drink?

Yes keep away from it with a sensitive tummy. You don't want to turn up and puke on everyone. I suggest a very short visit as you maybe still unwell. You should be taking rehydrating drinks and bla... Read More »

How Long should i wait to eat or drink after i brush my teeth?

Brushing twice a day, you can eat when ever during the morning if you rinse your mouth throughout the day with water. At night, brushing your teeth should be the last thing you do.