How long can i wait to drink this protein stuff after a workout?

Answer About 30 min.

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Drink protein shake after workout?

Only half. I would suggest and ensure drink.

When is the best time drink or eat protein Before or After a workout?

Before, but about 1 hour before, just a good estimate. You have time to digest some of the food/drink, don't go too heavy, but then you can build muscle better than if you drink/eat afterwards, bec... Read More »

How Long should i wait to eat or drink after i brush my teeth?

Brushing twice a day, you can eat when ever during the morning if you rinse your mouth throughout the day with water. At night, brushing your teeth should be the last thing you do.

How long should you wait to drink alcohol after giving blood?

In moderation it would be best to leave it for an hour or two, just don't go out on a bingeDune